Our School

Welcome to Chinook Middle School

"Home of the Wolves"

Our Motto:

Chinook Middle School, be your best, and nothing less

Our MIssion:  

Chinook Middle School will provide each student with the highest quality education and create a passion for learning, empowering the wolfpack community to contribute positively to the world.

Our Vision:   

Chinook Middle School is committed to teaching the Washington State Learning Standards in an environment that values excellence, positive leadership, and strong, moral character.

Chinook Middle School is a place where:

  • Caring, passionate teachers provide high-quality instruction every day.

  • Adolescents thrive in a student-based learning environment that supports reflection, collaboration, and the application of learning to real life situations.

  • Students and staff use the most appropriate technological tools to reason, justify, synthesize, analyze, and problem solve.

  • Teachers accept a commitment to teach until all students reach standard.

  • All students feel connected and supported by positive adult and peer relationships in a safe environment.

  • All families feel appreciated and connected to our school community.

Principal: Kevin Pierce

Assistant Principals:  Nathan Gregory and Cathy Guajardo

Student Enrollment:  860

Certificated Staff: 50

Classified Staff: 25

Total Staff: 75

School Contacts

Victoria Smoot

8th Grade Science Teacher

Katie Koegler

8th Grade Math Teacher

Diann Johnson

7th Grade Math Teacherr

Brenda Coomes

6th Grade Science Teacher

Amy Evans

8th Grade ELA Teacher

Victoria Smoot

8th Grade Science Teacher