Our School

Welcome to Chinook Middle School

"Home of the Wolves"

Our Motto:

Chinook Middle School, be your best, and nothing less

Our MIssion:  

Chinook Middle School will provide each student with the highest quality education and create a passion for learning, empowering the wolfpack community to contribute positively to the world.

Our Vision:   

Chinook Middle School is committed to teaching the Washington State Learning Standards in an environment that values excellence, positive leadership and strong moral character.

Chinook Middle School is a place where:

  • Caring, passionate teachers provide high-quality instruction every day.

  • Adolescents thrive in a student-based learning environment that supports reflection, collaboration and the application of learning to real life situations.

  • Students and staff use the most appropriate technological tools to reason, justify, synthesize, analyze and problem solve.

  • Teachers accept a commitment to teach until all students reach standard.

  • All students feel connected and supported by positive adult and peer relationships in a safe environment.

  • All families feel appreciated and connected to our school community.

Principal: Kevin Pierce  (Direct Office Number:  222-7504)

Assistant principals: Nathan Gregory and Jake Davis  (Direct Office Number: 222-7505 & 222-7506)

Student Enrollment:  860

Chinook Middle School Building

School Contacts

Kevin Pierce


(509) 222-7504

Lexis Pettinger


Trevor Fehrenbacher


Robert Stubbs


Jason Martin

Special Education/Lifeskills Teacher


Susie Oord

Special Education Teacher

(509) 222-5727

Lorena Rios

Intervention Specialist

Linda Barnes

7th Grade Science Teacher

Koda Hendrick


Kim McDermott

School Nurse


Krysta Beach

6th Grade ELA Teacher/Coach

Kris Seffens

6th Grade ELA Teacher/Coach

Morgan Schauble

6th Grade ELA/History Teacher

Melyssa Wandling

6th Grade ELA/History Teacher/Diversity Club

Bailey Maya


Lael Mether

Speech Teacher


Carla Zoerb

Librarian, Media Specialist , Chrome Books


Stuart Mobley

Choir Teacher

Jake Davis

Assistant Principal